Other Mothers

On this page you will get to read stories from other mothers. Insight into their experience. And remember it is just that their experience. It does not have to be yours. Curiosity may bring you to read something here but it does not give you the right to judge. Come here from a place of curiosity and empathy. Realise it is so hard to be a mother. We are all doing our best and we are all learning as we go. This page is a place to breed honesty and open sharing of the human motherhood experience.

Your Stories

Leonie: My Story

As a fitness professional I has always been interested in health and wellbeing. After becoming pregnant my interests naturally went in the direction of pre and postnatal exercise programming and nutrition. Having had a healthy pregnancy, no postnatal issues were foreseen. However, after a long labour and a medically necessary C-section, health issues began to […]