Moving While Pregnant

Each pregnancy is different, each pregnant woman has a unique experience. Staying strong throughout your pregnancy is of the upmost importance so that you are strong to carry the baby, birth the baby and care for the baby once it here. Your First Trimester is 0-13 weeks, Second is 14-28 weeks, Third Trimester falls between 26-40+ weeks and your Forth Trimester, as it is known. In this life stage its about moving but regressing what you are used to.

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Exercise During Pregnancy

Not only is Pilates a safe exercise to do during pregnancy, it is also designed around core principles that benefit pregnant women in particular. It can help you feel better and stronger as your pregnancy progresses, while also helping you prepare for an easier labour and delivery.


Doing Pilates helps you learn to focus your mind on exactly what your body is doing and which parts of your body are engaged–a pretty useful skill to have when you’re giving birth. Pilates brings an awareness that helps with labor and prevents injuries because your “quality” of movement is enhanced.

Centering and Control

The center connects the abdominal muscles with the small of the back–it is the place around which everything revolves. Strength in this area during pregnancy is particularly important and can dramatically change the way you stand, move, walk, carry yourself and physically relate to the world around you. Pilates is about specific and intentional movements. Once women develop this control, they’re able to move more gracefully–even during the most awkward stages of pregnancy.

Precision of Movement

Pilates is a combination of art and science. Precise and exact movements deliver the best possible results during pregnancy. Women work more effectively and with purpose when they observe the precise movements in their bodies that then opens up their minds. In a good Pilates workout, there is really no time when the movement stops. Like a well-choreographed dance, each movement flows into the next. This can help you feel in control and more confident when at times everything else in your pregnant life can seem out of control.


Some women have difficulty breathing when they’re pregnant, especially in the second and third trimesters. Women can have a shortness of breath or feel their lungs are affected when their baby stretches and moves. Pilates helps increase lung capacity and even creates more room for the baby within the body. The Pilates breath can help ease the discomfort of muscle spasms, cramps and contractions by encouraging relaxation.


Most pregnant women find it hard to maintain their balance because their centre of gravity changes dramatically as they gain weight. This can be unnerving and can sometimes make pregnant women more prone to falls and injuries. Pilates helps promote balance, spatial orientation and a strong posture.


This is often hard to maintain during the weeks when your body is changing rapidly, but dedication and consistency can have a profound effect. The more you commit to preparing your body, the easier you’ll find pregnancy to be and the greater and more profound your childbirth experience.


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